Our Objectives

Client Details

Client: Valley Tax Service

Client Goals: Create website to look clean and simple and develop compelling content that focuses on local clientele. Must have contact form, a way to enroll in "Referral Program," and an area to post commonly used documents.

Project Description: Starpoint Media had the opportunity to showcase many of its talents on this project. We created all of the graphics, established the Valley Tax Brand (including logo), conducted photo shoot of employees, wrote the website code (including front-end and back-end), and wrote all of the website content from scratch.

Skills Utilized: HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP, Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography, and Writing Skills.

Website: www.myvalleytax.com

"Starpoint Media delivered the functionality and aesthetics we were looking for in our website design... clean, simple, and elegant. And the content development they wrote about our company was spot on. We're very pleased with the results and love the look and design of our site. We couldn't be happier thanks to Brian and Starpoint Media."

– Aric Canonico,

President, Valley Tax Service

See the entire website at: www.myvalleytax.com

Creating the Brand

Valley Tax Logo

Starpoint Media's first task was to create a new logo for Valley Tax Service. As the name indicates, Valley Tax is located in the "valley" of Middletown in Frederick County Maryland. The client prides itself on supporting local clientele and has been doing so for the last 30 years. We wanted to create a logo that captures the history of the town, along with the client's long successful history in the area. All while setting the proper color tones and themes for the new website.

Responsive Design

Responsive design isn't just a trend... it's a necessity these days. We implemented a responsive design solution for Valley Tax Service so that their website looks good on any device.

Site-wide Development

Features and skills used: Content development; branding and logo design; responsive design; original graphic creation; front-end and back-end development; photo shoot of employees; setup hosting provider; email services setup.

Home Page

Features and skills used: Custom-written content slider; content creation; featured links to Blog, Referral Program, Testimonials, and clientelle.

Services Page

Features and skills used: Custom featured graphic and extensive web copy creation.

About Us Page

Features and skills used: Employee photo shoot; animated pictures; content development.

Blog Page

Features and skills used: Copy creation; Recent Blog Quote Widget; custom graphics.

Contact Us Page

Features and skills used: Copy creation and Google Map Widget.