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Quick Business Facts

  • Business Est. 2003.
  • Founder has over 18 years experience in marketing and the creative field.
  • Mission Statement: Quality first. Period.

Non-Business Fun Facts about the Founder

  • Coaches basketball and lacrosse.
  • Loves and plays golf.
  • Has two boys (9 and 11) and is happily married.
  • Absolutely loves working with people.
  • Highly skilled in HTML, CSS, JQuery, PHP languages.
  • Photoshop guru.
  • 15 years experience managing multi-million dollar projects.
  • Constantly seeks perfection.

Brian Grzyb
Founder of Starpoint Media, LLC

About Us


You’ve probably noticed a lot of statements using the words “we,” “us,” and “our” on this site. But in reality, the “we” is really just an “I”… at least for the moment…

I’m Brian Grzyb, founder of Starpoint Media. At it’s current state, I like to think of Starpoint Media as a “start-up” organization even though it’s been in business for 10 years (more on that in a bit). We (ahem), I mean “I” decided to write this website in plural form for a reason. And that reason is simple: it is the vision I see for the company.

And I see great things happening for this creative agency. As the company grows and “we” support more and more clients, Starpoint Media’s employee base will grow along with it. I see (queue the cheesy music) a working environment that sparks creativity, embraces change, challenges the best and the brightest, provokes and encourages debate, and is a satisfying and rewarding environment to work in.

As the business owner for 10 years and after a career in marketing for over 18 years, I am extremely excited about this new business chapter in my life. I really believe that all of my past experiences, the people I’ve met along the way, as well as the appropriate web development training (HTML, CSS, JQuery, and PHP) have led me to this very path. I feel renewed, driven, and focused on new possibilities. It is a remarkable feeling to have and I can only hope that every ounce of passion oozes out of “our” pores and filters into “our” work.

Background of Starpoint Media and its Founder

As a young graduate out of college, I started a career in marketing. My first job was with Lockheed Martin in one of their Proposal Development Centers in Washington D.C. I worked with a group of people that responded to government and commercial Request for Proposals (RFPs) in effort to win new business.

I started this type of work in 1997 and still work on proposals to this very day. Starpoint Media was established in 2003 after the company I was working for (in the telecom industry) closed its doors. Although it was a rocky time in the telecom industry during that period, it turned out to be one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It gave me the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. I started Starpoint Media doing graphic design, writing, editing and managing projects to win multi-million dollar proposal contracts. It the last three years alone, I've managed proposal efforts that has awarded nearly $1.5 billion dollars in revenue.

Today, I'm taking this past experience and applying it to website development. I’ve been working towards this new chapter in my life for some time, through training, financial preparedness, and dedicated time and resources. This is an exciting time for Starpoint Media. It’s also a very exciting time for me personally. I hope too, that it will be an exciting time for Starpoint Media’s first new hire. I embrace this new challenge, and I am reinvigorated with energy. Please wish “us” luck and keep an eye on “our” company as we expand and grow.